Core 1: Interaction

Week 1


Tuesday, In Class


  1. Find an example of an interview to analyze. Take screenshots (or scan/take photos of it) and document the URL. Try to find an interview that has thoughtful questions and is fairly in depth.
  2. Create a document(Google doc, dropbox paper, PDF) that links to and shows the interview, and contains two sections called “Content” and “Design.”
  3. In the “Content” section, write a few bullet points that evaluate how the interview is structured. How does it start? Does it start with more basic questions and then go deeper? What kind of topics and themes are in the interview? How do the questions lead the types of answers? Which answers are more interesting?
  4. In the “Design” section, analyze the visual structure of the interview. How many fonts are used – write down the name of the font, the weight, the size, color, etc. Analyze the hierarchy of the interview. If any images are used, evaluate what they have in common, where they’re sourced from, and how they connect to the writing.
  5. Submit your document to the homework drop before class begins next week.