Core 1: Interaction

Week 7


Tuesday, In Class

  • Zoom Link
  • Today’s Notes
  • Look at Coding from Life
  • Denotation Vs. Connotation
  • Introduce Object Posters
  • Alt text activity
  • Hover states activity
  • Open office hours


  1. Choose an Object
  2. Write a description of the object aiming to be as descriptive as possible. Avoid any metaphorical associations, interpretations or contextual references. Try to describe at least 15 physical properties of the object.
  3. Choose 9 physical properties of the object and represent each in a photograph. Each photo should show the same object in a different perspective. For example How would you represent “reflective” versus “rough” in two completely different photos.
  4. Choose 3 more physical properties of your object, and represent them through 3 different physical image making methods. These can be drawing, collage, stamping, painting, etc.
  5. The last 3 should be made digitally. You should make one raster image, and one vector. The third one you may choose to be raster or vector yourself.
  6. The use of typography is optional.
  7. Make sure all of your photos are 1200 x 1200 pixels (or 1200px wide and whatever height you want.
  8. Please upload all 15 of your images as well as your written descriptions to an channel that you will present next week.